Adisa Banjoko: So, how did doing What was cool was he was not like, “I’m Branford Marsalis The Jazz artist.

You guys are just rappers.” He did not have any attitude. We talked about how some artists be actin’ funny wit the ego shit. They be fightin’ at the shows.” Adisa Banjoko: I tripped off how in the that Miles Davis was not mentioned.

Adisa Banjoko: I’m chillin’ right now with Keithy E from Gang Starr. Adisa Banjoko: I always noticed a heavy Jazz influence in your music, from day one. When he was first getting into Rap, he used to tell him, “Yo, it’s the same thing. If I was with my friends and I needed some money or something, I’d pass by his house. Editor’s Note: Below is an out-of-print interview with Keith “Guru” Elam. Upon learning about Guru’s untimely death Monday, Hip Hop DX writer Adisa Banjoko provided us with this 1991 relic to Gang Starr fans and Hip Hop culture. He spelled a big B on the bed at his hotel with the dollars he made at the show! You over here talking about, “We did this, we stole this from the next man.” He ain’t tryin’ to hear all that! It’s just another expression of the street.” With me, my godfather was a heavy Jazz buff. He’d grab the whole posse and say, “Sit down and listen.” He’d sit us in between two big ass speakers, as tall as the next man. It would sound like you could hear every instrument.

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