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In an effort to try and change this, Australian TV presenter, writer and professional blogger Renee Slansky recently transformed her blog into The Dating Directory, a place where individuals can access need-to-know information about the multitude of dating services currently out there.

Formerly known as Bella & Darcy, the site now offers regular dating service reviews, event and community notices and interviews, in addition to articles on relationships and dating advice.

Not only did I want my title to read well in SEO and Google but I also wanted the branding to be as clear as the vision I had for it.Our top three countries are the USA, Australia and the UK, and we have a combined social media following of over 13k, and our readership tripled within the first year of it being launched. We share all content through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google , Linked In, Twitter and will also be moving to You Tube.While the site is predominately for women, it is open to all ages, demographics and genders.We base our ratings on five things: While I write for several different online dating sites as a guest contributor, I am the main blogger for Australia’s latest online dating site: My Single Connections.I am also in talks about a partnership with one of the biggest online dating sites in the world, but you will have to stay tuned to see who that is!

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