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Type /move to show the main window or click the button below the game menu.

This main window contains a list of Blizzard's frames (any element not in the list can be added to the Custom Frames category by either /move frame Name, /mafe frame Name, /hide frame Name or one of the move/mafe/hide keybindings). Special thanks to Wagthaa of Earthen Ring EU who was the developer since the pre-Wot LK patch.

So, make sure to check them out and, hopefully, address the problem at hand.

If your Blizzard app is stuck while initializing, the issue can be caused by the lack of privileges.

If the problem is with a certain frame, always try to reset the frame and reload before modifying it again.

If the problem persists please report it at the above link. You would be surprised how much time is wasted by reports of issues that are already resolved.

These can slow down downloads and even prevent the client updates.

The other one does not do anything I've noticed yet. Can we by any chance get an estimate time when this addon will be updated?

In order to make sure that everything in this department is working as intended, make sure to try the workarounds we presented below: Additionally, after some time of extensive use, the Blizzard app will accumulate a lot of redundant files.

Those can slow down the app and cause various issues.

Although this is an issue, you can fix it easily with one of our solutions.

Blizzard, the sovereign leader in MMO genre, offers a great desktop client that still doesn’t shy from issues of its own.

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