Updating omenserve list

list, but this filters out other sysreset / upp ads. Requesting a file at the moment would result in waiting in queue 18.are to be typed in the channel in order to access the File Server. That means one would have to wait for the 17 people to finish their downloads to start downloading from the file server. APPARENTLY SOME PEOPLE STILL PREFER THIS VERSION OF THE GUIDE, BUT HAVEN'T TOLD ME ABOUT IT DIRECTLY.THIS VERSION IS NOT UPDATED ANYMORE; ONLY VERSION 2 IS.Auto-accepting files is a must on m IRC, or you would have to /dccallow many many people in order to get what you want.Auto-accepting means that you don't have to be at your computer, or at m IRC to receive the file.Typing the /dccserver stuff or the file server trigger again sometimes seems to help.If you are behind a firewall yourself, usually this means that you probably can't connect to that server. Once the user is inside the File Server, there are a number of commands to use in order to download / queue the file desired.

Each script functions pretty much the same, but most of them look different from eachother..These do not show up on the channel, and only the user and the file server know that the user typed it. But to be safe, one should type them in the Status Window.This is because some channels kick/ban users that type the triggers wrong Eg. That is an example of typing the trigger with the ['s. They will prompt the user to type something in, and the user must type it in before he/she can access the file server or receive files.Triggers can be anything, even a whole sentence like "I screw donkeys for fun". The amount of time to wait depends on the file server's upload speed, the type of files it is serving, and how fast the first queues finish downloading. Some messages describe what is inside the file servers, some advertise what the File Server's owner is requesting, and some (like the one above) serve pretty much no purpose at all.There are also many other things the Ad can contain, like the Record CPS (Highest upload speed recorded), Upload Speed (How fast the server is uploading at at the moment), and many others.

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