Updating an oracle sequence via plsql

Oracle also determines an execution plan, associates host variables and cursor parameters with the placeholders in the SQL statement, determines the result set, and sets the cursor to the first row in the result set.More about parameterized cursor in the next tutorial.DECLARE @incr_val INT = NEXT VALUE FOR Sequence1; -- Use Sequence1 in different table viz. UPDATE Order SET OID = NEXT VALUE FOR Sequence1 FROM Customer AS c WHERE c.CID = @incr_val; If developer turns this(Cycle) option ON by specifying CYCLE inside the query, and when the NEXT value exceeds by the maximum value (given in the query with MAXIMUM directive) or the default maximum value (depending on Type mentioned), then the NEXT value again starts from minimum value which is stated with MINVALUE directive.If we specify NOCYCLE, then the cycle option will be turned OFF and it will throw an exception once the NEXT value exceeds the MAXIMUM value (stated in MAXIMUM Directive).

updating an oracle sequence via plsql-64

If the subquery does not return any records, the EXISTS clause will evaluate to false and the EXISTS condition will not be met.Oracle defines an execution cycle to execute an SQL statement and associates a cursor with it.The following illustration shows the execution cycle of an explicit cursor: Let’s examine each step in detail.The Closing a cursor instructs Oracle to release allocated memory at an appropriate time.If you declare a cursor in an anonymous block, procedure, or function, the cursor will automatically be closed when the execution of the block, procedure, and function ends.

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