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If you need to enlarge the button, start with the OUTSIDE layer. Click on the appropriate layer in the Layers panel. Pull the left and right edges until you get a centered glow that you like. The Photoshop button is ready, now we need to save it to web format. At this stage it may be a good idea to close the file, copy it and open that copy so you don't overwrite the button by mistake.

Draw a large crop box around the button, then bring the edges in until they are within half a pixel of each edge (that extra space is needed for smooth resizing because of anti-aliasing).

Upload the SMF file (gz) via FTP In CPanel's file manager, select the file and extract In Firefox, go to mydomain/forum For My SQL server, leave localhost. Click once near the top right corner of the button. Select all four path points for the right side of the box (Shift-click to add points to the selection).

Remember to clear your browser's cache to see the effects. This takes you to a page where you can directly apply the update. Embedded in the link, you will find a link to a patch file. The idea was to make a "big buttons for dummies" theme, because I had a hard time understanding the original buttons.

Before we start: this is my page about SMF versions 1.1.11 and below. Enter the database user and password you just created. Inside, you'll want to look at the colors for body, catbg, tborder, and perhaps more. It actually tells you where in the SMF panel to go look for the mod once installed! I inserted this in index.template.php, just after "The main content should go here." It gives me a new topic button, but not exactly in the right place. Then select the right-edge and shift-drag left or right to fit your text. Then repeat with the other layer (INSIDE or OUTSIDE).

The powerful forum software is currently available in its 5 version and is primarily aimed at demanding users who want to create professional community projects. If you're following my numbers guide, open the calculator (Windows: Windows key type "Calc"). In the new window, double-click the little colored box at the bottom left (above the "Stops" options). Double-click on the little colored box at the bottom right. As soon as you switch to index mode they will look good. Go to the top of the page and have a look at my other PHP articles in the left column! I am giving you a precise method to achieve the same effect as on the red buttons, but if you have a good eye for colors you can follow the instructions and skip the number instructions. In this example, I'm going for a blue button, and my darkest color is 004a80. In the calculator (in Hex mode), take that number and add 2F (you will find A through F at the bottom of the keypad). Now right-click the OUTSIDE layer and choose "Blending Options". In te new window, click in the middle of the colored bar next to "Gradient". Repeat with INSIDE layer, entering A for the left box and B for the right box. If the colors look strange when you are cropping and resizing, don't worry.One strange feature of SMF is that when members register, by default, their email address is shown to the world. On your PC, check that the files can actually unpack. You wouldn't believe the number of corrupted files I've had. To hide it by default, open Themes/default, search for "hide Email", and change the line like so: Basically, you are only typing the word "checked", without quote marks or equal sign or anything.

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