Ray j and lil kim dating

But she didn’t like getting sweaty and would stop to do her make-up if she did.“She liked to look dope during sex, the right lighting, setting the mood.

Ray J was in San Diego when she died and arrived at the Beverly Hilton, where Houston died, at the time paramedics and police officers came to the scene.While waiting for more information, he became angered upon hearing one of the officers make a "disrespectful comment" about Houston, prompting him to force entry into the suite prior to being restrained.On May 21, 2012, Ray J was found in his hotel room, unable to get out of bed and was rushed to a hospital by ambulance.her mom would call and she would nearly always take it. Why is Kim K’s name still in his mouth after over a decade, as if he doesn’t have a wife and a child that he should be focus on and boasting about? While their breakup was over 10 years ago, and Kim has three children with rapper Kanye West, Ray J still feels the need to cash out on her name–and, Twitter decided to call him out on it.

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