Rapper trina dating 2016

Trina shared her relationship with Kenyon Martin that ended when the basketball player started cheating on her.She detailed about her side of the story saying she was in such a point of life where she saw herself being someone`s wife (Kenyon) but Kenyon just wanted a hot girlfriend. Trina`s recent dates include French Montana (2012-2014).Trina is assumed to be the most coveted women in the industry (HIP-HOP), with her rumors of dating many hiphop artists and American athletes.She is an African-American looking as good as any model and hard to resist.

Trina stated that both of these two tattooed their names on their body to express their love for each other. They were remained in a relationship for three years.

She has been paired with others like Soulja Boy, JZ, C-Murder, Trick Daddy, Baby Aka Birdman and Derek Hollywood Harris.

Trina relationship with the rapper Lil Wayne had received significant media coverage.

In addition, his name is also affiliated with James Harden, French Montana Rasi Baker, and Kenyon Martin. A pic with Ex: Trina Ex-Boyfriends List: From 2012 till 2014 Short Bio of Rapper Trina: The outstanding rapper Katrina Laverne Taylor was born on December 3, 1974/1978 in Miami, Florida.

Now she is called by her professional name ‘Trina’. was her younger brother who was killed when she was of 19 years old.

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