Opinions on reality dating shows

The concept is that it starts with a bachelor who gets to choose from 25 women. Twelve finalist get to choose a song that they will sing and win the competition, these twelve competitors are chosen by the voters of America. One of the most popular reality shows to date, highly recommended.Created by: Peter Fowkes Genre: Reality Running Time: 30 mins Original Channel: Tru TV Impractical Jokers are directed by Peter Fowkes, the show started airing in 2011, since then 70 episodes were released.There are some wonderful documentaries or science shows which impart a great deal of knowledge to viewers.There are also a proliferation of soap operas on the air which have a huge following of fans. With all that is available it is surprising that this whole new genre has been able to find a foothold in the competitive television industry. There is no requirement by the viewer to think too hard or invest too much of themselves in the program.Here, we feature series like Celebs Go Dating, First Dates, Love Island, Ex on the Beach, One Night With My Ex and even hit US-show The Bachelor.

Shows like The Biggest Loser try to teach contestants healthier lifestyles and may inspire viewers to do the same. There are many critics willing to tell you that reality television is contributing to the "dumbing down" of America.Unlike long running soap operas there is a short lived time investment by the viewer with the promise of soap opera-like antics.Some of the shows which follow famous families during their day to day routines would seem to appeal only to die-hard fans, but people across the board are embracing them.Whether reality programming will be short lived is something we shall see in time.In the meantime, sit back, relax and watch some people make complete fools out of themselves.

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