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Since 1997, Abyss Creations has custom-made and sold nearly 8,000 Real Dolls — the brand name for the sex dolls — in the U. as well as the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, China and Australia.Buyers can choose from 16 body styles, 31 faces and five skin tones, with choice of eye color, hair and hand-painted features like freckles, veining, breast size, even a variety of nipple colors and styles (like perky, puffy or supple).

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Harmony’s vocabulary is virtually endless, but she’s programmed to end any conversation that involves murder or violence.

The dolls range in weight from 75 to 115 pounds and can be as tall as 5 feet, 10 inches.

Most orders are for female dolls, but there are male and transgender options.

Should my Tesla be able to refuse to drive me to work every morning? Realbotix is a subsidiary of Abyss Creations which make the Real Doll.

” This is the doll, whose name is Harmony, that has a robotic head. Realbotix CEO/creative director Matt Mc Mullen stands with the doll, whose name is Harmony, that has a robotic head. Mc Mullen is also the founder of Abyss Creations which makes the Real Doll.

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