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Hutz also successfully sued Krusty after Bart got appendicitis after eating a piece of jagged metal that was being given away as a prize in his cereal that wasn't even in the safety package all prizes are held in.

The case was won and Bart was given 0,000 in compensation.

Hutz was financially insolvent, extremely poor and willing to do nearly anything for money.Lionel Hutz, also known as Miguel Sanchez, and also known as Dr.Nguyen Van Phuoc, is a lawyer in Springfield, albeit an incompetent one.Hutz was a recovering alcoholic; also at one time he hastily left the courtroom after handling a bottle of bourbon in order to consult his A. When Homer hired him to babysit the Simpson children, he renamed himself Miguel Sanchez following some trouble that prompted him to change his identity and burn all his personal papers, and he later changed again to Dr.Nguyen Van Phuoc, a Vietnamese name, in addition to Mr. He also won the role as 'Mitch' in the musical adaption of 'A Street Car Named Desire', whilst simultaneously suing the troupe on behalf of the people who were not cast.

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