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They found that, although 15 percent of the posts the researchers analyzed contained some kind of laughter, the ways that Facebook users expressed this laughter varied depending on the individual's age, gender and geographic location, said the researchers, who studied data collected during the last week of May 2015 that contained at least one string of letters (or symbols) representing laughter.

The researchers discovered that men tended to use "haha" more than all other expressions of laughter considered, which also included "hehe," "LOL" and laughter-related emoji.

Entre ‘hehehe’, ‘kkkk’, ‘hiauhaiha’, ‘rsrsrs’, que todo mundo usa mas que, quando numa conversa mais séria, não caem bem, fica a dúvida: como rir pela internet? Obrigado.” Stefano Mattei A resposta à consulta de Stefano é simples, embora também se possa dizer, de um certo ponto de vista, que é impossível. Esta, sobretudo de corpo presente, mas até certo ponto também por telefone, tem à sua disposição diversos recursos visuais ou sonoros – expressão facial, gestos, entonação – que temperam o que é dito.

Cada um deve tomar essa decisão sozinho, levando em conta sua disposição para a hilaridade e, naturalmente, o contexto.

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all the games i have in my posessions i just keep goin back to HL for simplicity and playability i cant get engrossed in game that requires hours on end to get into anymore got better things to do even though i miss itsame here, don't have the patince to sit down for a few hours at a time...

Veloz, informal, aproxima-se tanto da oralidade que traz consigo uma série de muletas gráficas, substitutas mais ou menos eficientes dos referidos recursos visuais e sonoros.but cs(and hl to some extent) have the right degree of complexity to keep you engrossed and the right degree of simplicity that you can pop in and have a 5min game. Or maybe you're the king of "hehe's" or the queen of smiley-face emoji.A new Facebook study shows that your way of expressing laughter on social media may have to do with a few seemingly unrelated factors.A team of analysts at Facebook recently looked at data from the social media site, to see how people communicate their giggles and chortles to other users.

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