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But looking for sex online is not, as some have insisted in the wake of Weber's murder, so inherently risky a pursuit that only a lunatic would contemplate it.

Unlike cars in Iraq that haven't exploded (yet), it's actually relevant that most people hooking up online aren't brutally murdered.

Insist on a verifiable exchange of real names and real phone numbers before meeting; meet in person first, in a public place, preferably at a time when you can't mess around immediately after your first meeting.

Most people who ignore my advice about safety, or hook up with cheap CL hookers, do live to tell the tale.

He gets points for being honest---and I mean that sincerely.

He gets points for telling you now, before the wedding, that being pegged, while wonderful in its own right, isn't enough and that he's going to need a little man-love reality now and then.

And it's always a bad idea to post an offer for for sex to the crowd of fakes and freaks who have overrun Craigslist, as Weber is reported to have done.

Meeting via Craigslist ups your odds of hooking up with, say, a mentally unstable teenage "satanist" with a My Space page packed with pictures of him with knives and swords.

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    Like many institutions, dating has changed quite a bit over time. No single person can both hunt and gather, after all.