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Long on the main road from Edinburgh to Stirling, it is also at the meeting point of Scotland's two major lowland canals and is served by the country's busiest railway line, from Edinburgh to Glasgow.

Here Bonnie Prince Charlie's Jacobites defeated Government forces pursuing them, but then failed to capitalise on their victory.

This was on the south west edge of today's Falkirk and the site is marked by a monument.

Another of Falkirk's attractions is Callendar House, which would look more at home in central France than in central Scotland.

With a 300ft long frontage this incredible château evolved through many stages from its origins as a castle in about 1400.

This translated into Scots as "Faw Kirk", which over time became "Falkirk".

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This has changed following the completion of the Falkirk Wheel.Today the battle is commemorated by a memorial on the edge of Victoria Park, on the north side of Falkirk, though many believe the battle actually took place on a site now just to the east of the town.The Second Battle of Falkirk, or the Battle of Falkirk Muir, took place some 450 years later, on 17 January 1746.Dating back to various periods from 1450 to 1892 the church is only the latest of a series on this site, probably dating back as far as the AD600s.One of the earlier churches, built here in 1057, became known because of its appearance as Eglesbreth, the Cumbric for "Speckled Church".

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