Doctor dating patient rules

Doctors can mistake the feelings of love that arise in a therapeutic relationship as being the same as love that arises elsewhere; it is not.‘Love in the supermarket', as opposed to ‘love transference', is based more in reality and not propelled to an artificial intensity by an unequal power structure.

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In his book Brody outlines three sources of medical power: Aesculapian, Charismatic and Social. (This applies in both general practice and hospital-based medicine, although it may be accentuated by the latter's institutional culture.Thirdly, a discussion of the role of autonomous choice and consent is presented.On the basis of this evidence, it is argued that the circumstances in which such relationships are ethically permissible are extremely limited and that official ‘sanctioning' of these relationships should be very much the exception, not the rule.However, there is also the question of whether this type of power would be accentuated further in a fee-for-service situation, as exists in general practice in Australasia, as opposed to free public hospital treatment.) This differential is exacerbated further by any imbalances arising from the other three sources of power.Usually a patient also has less Aesculapian power even if well versed in medical knowledge (unless the patient is themselves a doctor, as in this case, or an unusual situation exists such as the parents in the film ‘Lorenzo's Oil').

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