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“Maybe you’re just too nice,” I offered, recalling the similar complaints of my male friends who assert that nice guys finish last. There’s nothing else to say about them.“Stay confident in yourself, and don’t be nervous to make yourself a little vulnerable.Her description of the whole thing seemed to closely match their nice-guy predicaments. It’s the same reason women don’t go for the simply nice guys. Maybe tell him a slightly embarrassing story that will make him laugh more than it makes him cringe, like the time you thought your professor was a student and hit on him during class.” It was the best advice I could give via Gchat in the moment.“NICE!

It’s the most basic quality to present, there’s nothing behind it.

The bad boy is fun temporarily, but the nice guy is desired for the long term. For men, confidence, humor, and dominance are often considered the main Alpha characteristics. These are the characteristics the bad boy possesses. He never doubted himself, never hesitated to confront someone, and had fun doing whatever he pleased.

Confidence causes a man to exude strength and stability. Dominance sets him apart from the crowd as unique and commanding. Naturally Jean Grey found him attractive…for a while.

You’re a smart, put together, good girl with an attractive disposition and killer wardrobe -- and yet, you’re still single.

You’ve seen worse girls nab coveted guys, but you can’t even lock down a steady hookup. I had to pause and really consider this for a while.

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