Daytime dating ideas dating site for lesbains

Find a rooftop bar that fits the vibe (whether that's cozy intimate or more of a crowded scene) and soak it in together. If you really vibed on the first date and want to have some alone time beyond your neighborhood or city, plan a scenic drive somewhere with #views.

This gives the couple a chance to have casual small talk and understand each other’s perspective on life based on art.” It’s also a surefire way of killing any awkward silences: There will be an endless supply of great conversation starters all around you.

You can discuss flowers, fruit, and jam preferences as you wander and shop together.

If the date is going well, I suggest buying coffee, fruit, or ice cream and sitting someplace to eat or drink together.

Wind blowing in your hair plus picturesque views of the skyline are the ideal mood-setters for a date.

Take a ferry or water taxi to an unexplored part of your city if you want to make it a longer day trip.

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