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In addition, many players chose to remain seated, a few raised their fists in the air—a longtime symbol of support and solidarity in the black community—while the Steelers, Titans and Seahawks stayed in their locker rooms until the anthem was completed.These were all quiet, respectful and peaceful forms of protest.While putting the finishing touches on Astroworld in Hawaii just a couple weeks before its release, Trav speaks on shifting the rap landscape with his next album."It's gonna change n----'s drums, it's gonna change n----'s melodies, it's gonna change n----'s BPMs, it's gonna change his flows," says La Flame. I could wait another year, and I'm never gonna hear another song like this.A number of Patriots knelt during the singing of the national anthem, while many—including quarterback Tom Brady—stood linking arms with their teammates.The linked arms and kneeling were common sights at games Sunday across the country. ” my husband, John, asked me as we watched the beginning of the Texans v. (Yes, here on the West Coast, the early NFL games begin airing at 10 a.m.! Shortly afterward, we were headed to Carson, CA, the temporary home of the Los Angeles Chargers, formerly of San Diego, to watch our beloved Kansas City Chiefs.

With no follow-up, Brady was most likely tending to more important matters after clinching his sixth Super Bowl victory. His High School Guidance Counselor Saved His Life When you're as driven as Travis Scott, you realize school isn't for you at a young age.

Courtesy of Netflix Travis Scott's documentary "Look Mom I Can Fly" Christmas came early for Travis Scott fans on Wednesday (Aug.

28), as Netflix released La Flame's Look Mom I Can Fly documentary to their streaming platform.

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