Dating winchester model 12 shotguns

It gives by month, the highest serial number receiver put into production, but doesn't tell when the gun was actually finished or when it was actually shipped/sold.

175X Bottom -- 1905 743X Bottom -- 1905 7149X Bottom -- 1909 7521X Bottom -- 1909 10330X Bottom -- 1911 10660X Bottom -- 1911 15240X Bottom -- 1913 18593X Bottom -- 1915 19705X Bottom -- 1917 from James Tipton's list. The factory ledger gives 199611 as the high number on Sept. 28865X Side -- October 1924 33571X Side -- late June 1928 76033X Side -- After WW-II, probably 1947.

Currently Winchesters markets a gas operated Super X-2, a decontented Browning Gold. Then again, no one else copied his choice of guns, so that might tell you something.

In the used market comparative models of the 1100s and 1400 go for about the same price according to Fjestad’s “Blue Book”. Personally I would (and did six times) pick the 1100 over the 1400.

Also did a general internet search to see if anybody had re-posted the article …no joy. I also got in contact with Remington and they sent these dates for manufacture that very closely confirmed your dates with a few exceptions highlighted in 7149X Bottom – 1909------------------------7149X Bottom -- 1909 7521X Bottom – 1909------------------------7521X Bottom -- 1909 10330X Bottom – 1911-----------------------10330X Bottom -- 1911 10660X Bottom – 1911-----------------------10660X Bottom -- 1911 15240X Bottom – 1913-----------------------15240X Bottom -- 1913 18593X Bottom – 1915-----------------------18593X Bottom -- 1915 19705X Bottom -- 1917----------------------19705X Bottom -- 1917 28865X Side -- October 1924-----------------28865X Side -- 1924 33571X Side -- late June 1928----------------33571X Side --19 I have a few other questions if you have time to respond: How many shotguns were manufactured in years ’05 & ’06? Fox double in 1905, and for 1906 thru 1911, Remington shipped more Remington Autoloading Guns each year than Ansley produce in his seven years at the helm of A. I was much more confident in the days Dennis Sinneta (sp) was at the museum at the factory in Ilion.

I can believe a 4 digit serial number is the first year of ’05 NOT ’06. What is the lowest SN that you are aware of thru this forum? (Tipton suggests that they began at serial number 1000 in 1905. I don't know anything about Model 11's use in WW-I, but there were lots of them in the 400000 serial number range used in WW-II, mostly for aerial gunnery training. If anybody has any additional information to add, please do! Prod'n---Actual SN 1905-----8000-----7000-----743X 1906-----23000----15000 1907-----39000----16000 1908-----56000----17000 1909-----75000----19000----7521X 1910-----91000----16000 1911-----107000---16000----10660X 1912-----127000---20000 1913-----147000---20000----15240X 1914-----165000---18000 1915-----185000---20000----18593X 1916-----194000---9000 1917-----203000---9000-----19705X 1918-----212000---9000 1919-----226000---14000 1920-----243000---17000 1921-----256000---13000 1922-----269000---13000 1923-----282000---13000 1924-----296000---14000-----28865X 1925-----310000---14000 1926-----325000---15000 1927-----340000---15000 1928-----355000---15000-----33571X 1929-----362000---7000 1930-----369000---7000 1931-----376000---7000 1932-----383000---7000 1933-----390000---7000 1934-----397000---7000 1935-----404000---7000 1936-----411000---7000 1937-----418000---7000 1938-----425000---7000 1939-----432000---7000------400000* 1940-----462000---30000 1941-----497000---35000 1942-----532000---35000 1943-----572000---40000 1944-----617000---45000 1945-----667000---50000-----700000* 1946-----717000---50000-----76033X * Suggested WW2 Production K2Unit, The first catalogue I have with the flat knob is the 1911-1912 edition.

In 1930, they also introduced a three-shot version in 20-gauge called "The Sportsman." The 20-gauge “The Sportsman” had serial numbers beginning low 1? They added 12- and 16-gauge "The Sportsman" in 1931, with 12-gauge "The Sportsman" having serial numbers starting at 500,000 and 16-gauges having serial numbers starting at 200,000.

The wood Hydro-coil stocks as made by Dockwiller were another thing entirely.

14, 1938, they ended the separate serial numbers for the 20-gauge “The Sportsman” at 16,753.

From then on the "Model 11" and "The Sportsman" were serial numbered together, continuing the Model 11 sequences.

At the same time, the name "The Sportsman" or "Model 11" began being stamped on the bolt. 28, 1937, they stopped the separate serial number sequence in the 2xx,xxx range for the 16-gauge "The Sportsman"; on Aug.

24, 1937, they stopped the separate serial number sequence in the 5xx,xxx range for the 12-gauges and finally on Feb.

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