Dating violence victim services

To find resources in your area, contact us at 775-221-7600 or text SASS to 839863.Helping someone you care about who is in an abusive relationship can be complicated.If you are experiencing domestic violence or suspect someone that you love is a victim of domestic violence, there are many resources available to help.To get started, you can contact Crisis Support Services of Nevada, or you can go directly to law enforcement to report domestic violence.

The signs of domestic violence are not always straightforward, and may not present themselves at the very beginning of a relationship.Call our domestic violence hotline at 775-221-7600 or text SASS to 839863 for free, confidential support.Acts of intimidation, abuse and domestic violence can leave us feeling powerless and alone.Understanding that the decision ultimately lies with your loved one is key.You can support them by being non-judgmental of their decision to stay, helping them prepare to leave regardless of whether they do and by standing by to help provide support if they make a decision to leave.

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