Dating sense

As authorized Wilton distributor in Europe, Cake Supplies manages and guides all Wilton locations. It seems that even when Selena tries to move on she will still always have a soft spot for the heartthrob singer. It's not a huge age gap or even the biggest one on this list, but it is one that many fans have questioned knowing Amber's history when it comes to her relationships and reasons for getting into them.

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It screams “I act like I am worth a lot and I deserve all the attention, because I have nothing besides my attitude to show for myself.

Does it look like they try to avoid anything average and “middle class”? People with entitlement issues are known for treating waiters and other service industry employees not as human beings but rather as their servants. When they buy something at a store, they consciously or subconsciously act like they are doing that store a favor.

When they receive a gift or someone extends a kind gesture to them, it doesn’t surprise them, but they act as if that was totally expected.

Do you look at a person sometimes wondering why they act as if they are “all that”? Is it the way they stand, walk and otherwise carry themselves?

Does their body language suggest that they are high maintenance, stuck up and act like nothing and no one is good enough for them?

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