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The carbine has a sixteen and one-half inch barrel, with an overall length of thirty-seven and one-quarter inches.

The GSG St G-44 comes packed in a wooden shipping crate that has a hinged lid and rope handles on each end, which adds to the classic flavor of this military style weapon.

The GSG St G-44 uses a blowback action, and proved to be very reliable with high-velocity 22 LR ammunition.

The charging handle is on the upper left side, and serves to manually lock open the bolt.

The St G-44 is a fun gun to shoot; a plinker of the highest order.

For hunting and paper-punching, there are other 22 rifles which fill those roles better, but for an afternoon of blasting away at cans, small rocks, or other targets, the GSG St G-44 is about as fun as it gets.

The trigger pull measured a very smooth five and one-half pounds.

I first saw the GSG St G-44 on display at the NRA Show back in April, and have been anxious to try one out ever since.

The AR-15, AR-10, AR-180, M1 Carbine, Mini-14, nor any other rifle that is incapable of automatic fire is not an assault rifle.The Germans set out to develop a short rifle that used a reduced-power cartridge, compared to the 7.92x57mm (8mm Mauser) used in the German infantry rifle.The St G-44 was the culmination of the development of the MKB42.Some of the lighter bullet loads did not feed well, and the Wolf and other standard velocity ammunition failed to fully cycle the action.However, even the bulk CCI Blazer ammunition functioned perfectly, as did all other high velocity 40 grain ammunition, as well as the hyper velocity Yellow Jacket and Stinger ammunition.

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