Dating a nice shy guy

Is this man always dropping his pen or glasses when he’s around you?He might try to “accidentally” drop something in front of you to get your attention?If you like him, you should take the risk, don’t you think?If you don’t, then you will never know what might have been, just saying. But if a shy guy stands up for you, that certainly means something.A shy man that’s totally interested in you is going to ask what you did during the day or over the weekend.

If a shy guy is cringing with the fact you’re talking about any other man, well you’ve just hit the jackpot!Yes, it’s tough to know if you should push for a romantic relationship with a shy guy simply because you aren’t sure if he’s really interested in you or not. Here are a few telltale signals that are going to help you figure out whether or not this man is really worth your time.A shy man just doesn’t want to get caught looking at you so he will try and be neat and sneaky discreet about it.Shy guys aren’t as confident as you might be used to and he will feel seriously hurt if you are talking about any other man but him.This signals to him that you really aren’t into him.

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