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Self-care enables women to cope with the challenges of single parenting, but most single moms put their own care last on their to-do list.In the aftermath of divorce or the loss of a partner, single moms often become economically vulnerable.By identifying the eight most common mental health challenges facing single moms, my goal is to inspire them to seek support if they are struggling and for all of us to become Solo Mom allies.Not surprisingly, single moms rarely get enough sleep. Because they can get so much done when their kids are sleeping!Unfortunately many single moms don’t like to ask for help and often don’t even believe they need help.For some single moms, stressors can pile up and lead to a mental health crisis.Imagine you suddenly had sole responsibility for two children, earned around ,000 a year, found your friends drifting away, and continually felt judged for your parenting, no matter how well you handled it. As the founder of (Empowering Solo Moms Everywhere), I’m astounded by the resilience and fortitude of single moms, who currently are raising 23 million children in the United States alone.The route women take to single motherhood varies, but parenting alone is physically and emotionally demanding.

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Without support or resources, too many single moms carry a heavy burden of pain, which is often expressed in PTSD, depression and other mental health challenges. These judgments can come at any time — from a child’s teacher, another parent or a co-worker.Couples parenting children with special needs are more likely to divorce than the general population.Because moms overwhelmingly receive custody, they end up performing the lion’s share of these kids’ care.Better yet, become an ally and advocate by asking a single mom, how can I help?Marika Lindholm is the founder of ESME [Empowering Solo Moms Everywhere], the social platform for Solo Moms, by Solo Moms.

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