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The following year marked the launch of You Tube which started out as a dating site before focusing on general video uploads. March 2005 was another turning point in the blogging era when Garrett Graff became the first blogger to be granted a press pass for the White House.Along with the launch of Huffington Post only two months later, the lines between blogging and traditional news reporting began to blur as more and more “cyber journalists” emerged and started covering current news, culture, and sporting events.He’s Headed On A Gender Bender Ryan lives a simple life of banging as many hot chicks as he can, until one night his world turns upside down. It Is Supposed To Be Drunk And Steadily Erotic Atmosphere, When You Notice You Swapped Each Other’s Partner And Swapping…

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The following few years saw an emergence of the first blogging platforms, the most notable one being Open Diary which launched in 1998 and had a membership model allowing members of the community to leave comments on other people’s posts.

What is a part of our mainstream culture today, was once considered a personal diary and an outlet for early adopters of the web. Blogging dates all the way back to 1994 when a college undergrad named Justin Hall created his site

Today, blogs are more than personal diaries published online. They help us build brands, attract clients, and provide us with news, gossip, and interesting facts — all at the same time. According to Hall, he created the site so he could get his writing online.

The platform in question was Moveable Type which was released as a self-hosted platform for bloggers and later introduced the Trackback feature (the ability to alert blogs that you have linked to a specific post on their blog) which is now widely adopted across all blogging platforms.

2002 marked the launch of Technorati, the first blog search engine.

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