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Apart from broadcasting, Ang Dating Daan undertakes public service outreaches by partnering with UNTV News and Rescue, Kamanggagawa Foundation and government agencies.At present, the program is aired live via satellite through the facilities of UHF Channel UNTV 37.These include the Ang Dating Daan Foundation and the Kamanggagawa Foundation. Citing its relentless support in providing safe blood to the masses, MCGI was recipient of the “Hall of Fame Award” from the Dugong Quezon Awards in 2016 and the “Top Donor Award” from the Philippine Red Cross in 2014.The MCGI blood donation drives were started by Bro. The program, allowing passengers to watch question-and-answer videos of Bro.Ang Dating Daan is the flagship broadcast program of the MCGI and Bro.On its website, Ang Dating Daan is an award-winning radio and television program hosted by Bro.Dear thomaschico-ga; Thank you for allowing me an opportunity to answer your interesting question. ANG DATING DAAN While there are a number of convicted followers in the Philippines and perhaps other places as well, for what it may be worth, ? has identified the church founded by Soriano as a ? : THE BEREANS: APOLOGETICS RESEARCH MINISTRIES You can read a brief biography about Soriano here: ANG DATING DAAN ?

Daniel Razon established various charitable foundations that help children and minors, the elderly, persons with disabilities, and any person in need.

The first part of this interesting question of faith — Can the Bible be a tool to prove that God exists?

Is there anyone who has measured the distance between the heavens and the earth?

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Since its first airing on radio in the early 80's, many of its avid listeners, guests and audience, including formerly staunch critics and enemies, believe their eyes were opened from the deceits and iniquities in most religious group where they are affiliated.

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