Accommodating students with dyslexia in all classroom settings 100 interracial dating greensboro nc

Allowing for the use of assistive technology like Dragon dictation software, audio recordings or a Smart Pen to take notes in meetings will help a dyslexic employee put more energy into using his or her strengths to meet organizational goals.Other simple strategies that will help all employees include keeping communications brief and to-the-point, sending out agendas ahead of meetings, and giving easy access to information needed to do one’s job.Employers and managers recognize how dyslexia impacts a person’s day-to-day work, but they also understand that dyslexic employees can bring a great deal of creativity, energy and problem-solving to the organization.Small changes to company protocols and communication can go a long way toward supporting dyslexic individuals, and are likely to increase morale and loyalty.Many universities have some type of student resources department to support students who need accommodations and/or tutoring.But learning support departments can differ dramatically from one college or university to the next.Additionally, a dyslexia-friendly environment allows educators to be alert to problems and identify children who might be dyslexic.

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When grading a creative writing assignment, a dyslexia-friendly teacher focuses on the content and creativity of the paper, and not spelling errors.

Visual aids, technology and creativity help bring life into learning.

When teachers use these strategies they not only help dyslexic students learn, but engage and improve learning for all students in the class.

Learn how colleges are expanding their efforts to assist students with dyslexia: Colleges Step Up to Meet Dyslexia Challenge.

As with school environments, dyslexia-friendly workplaces understand and accept those with dyslexia.

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