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i Campaign of 1874 jg\ Campaign of 1875 194 Campa gn of 1876 ]% Cimpflign of 1877 ' ' ]9« Campaign of 1878 20I Campaign of 1879 ' ' 201 Campaign of 1880 210 Campaign of 1881 212 CHAPTER XI. 227 State Offloers 227 ^ rfv 1 VI TABLE OF CONTENTS. The Indians returned, and were encouraged to operate the rich mines opened by the late white occupants.

Clerk of the Court 360 Sheriffs 363 County Surveyors 369 Coroner 372 Drainag'e Commissioner 373 CHAPTER XI. 373 District Court 374 Circuit Court 379 County Court 380 CHAPTER XII. He endeavored to obtain permission from them to mine in their hills; but this they refused.

avalrv ...114 First Battery 114 Second Battery 114 Third Battery Hg Fourth Battery 115 Iowa Ktgiment of Colored Troops 116 Northern Border Brigade 115 Southern Border Brigade U5 Promotions. PAGE EDUCATIONAL-STATE INSTITUTIONS 117 The First School House .n 117 Act for the Establishment 01 Common Schools. From an Old Settler's Diary By Thomas Meredith A Mysterious Murder By H. BENTON Tfj WNSHIP 636 » Early Settlement 636 Educational— Government 6.51 Cowboys 652 CHAPTER XXV. In due time Colonel Taylor dispatched a detachment of troops to enforce his order.

51 First Iowa Territorial Legislature 52 First Session of the Legislature 52 A Stormy Session 62 Selection of the Capital 52 lowa City....' 53 Loan for the Completion of the State House. 53 Woman's Bights 54 The Missouri War 55 Attempt at State Organization 56 Constitutional Convention... GEOLOGr— TOPOQEAPHT— WATEE COUESES 69 Azoic System 70 Lower Silurian System TO Upper Silurian System 71 r^ TABLE OF CONTENTS. 71 Cretacious System 75 Peat 76 Gypsum 78 Minor -Deposits —Sulphate of Lime 78 Sulphate of Strontia , 78 Sulphate of Haryta 78 Sulphate of Magnesia 78 Ciimat-j 79 Topography 79 Lakes and Streams , . nth Infantry 99 Eleventh Infantrv 100 Twelfth Infantry l Oi) Thirteenth Infantry 101 Fourteenth Infantry 101 Fi I toenth 1 nf antry 101 Sixteenth Infantry 102 Seventeenth Infantry ■.. 442 Anlta Times 444 Cass County Democrat .' 445 # Dally Democrat.. 533 Societies 544 Postof Bce 547 Municipal— Historic Crumbs 548 Educational 649 CHAPTER XX. He re- turned to the village, secured the good will of the Indians, and, returning to Galena, formed plans for future operations, to be executed as soon as the circumstances would permit. Lang- worthy, on a half sheet of coarse, unruled paper, the old log being the writing desk: "We, a committee, having been chosen to draft certain rules and regulations (laws), by which we, as miners, will be governed, and, having duly considered the subject, do unanimously agree that we will be governed by the regulations on the east side of the Mississippi river, with the fol- lowing exceptions, to- wit: Article I.

56 Second Constitutional Convention 57 Election of State Officers 67 Salaries of State Officers 58 CHAPTER VI. 102 Eighteenth Infantry 10^ Nineioe-'th Infantry 103 Twentie-li Infantry '. Infantry ICS Twenty-seventh Infantry ]u5 Twenty-eighth Infantry l OB ~ ...... 446 Anlta Times 447 Cap Sheaf 450 The Northwestern Journal 451 •Lewis Independent 464 Marae Message 455 People's Advocate 466 Sunday Morning Clipper 457 Anita Tribune 458 Griswold Advocate 461 CHAPTER XVI. PAGE THE WAR FOB THE UNION 476 Fourth Infantry 481 Twelftk, Thirteenth and Fifteenth Infantry . PTMOSA TOWNSHIP 585 Organic 665 j Jarly Settlement 656 Educational 574 Postofflce 676 Historic 576 CHAPTER XXI. EDNA TOWNSHIP Early Settlement Reno Edna Postofflce Historic— Educational . In the following year, with his brother, Lucius H., and others, having obtained the consent of the Indians, Mr. That each and every man shall hold two hundred yards square of ground by working said ground one day in six." "Article II.

She afterward remarked, when speaking of this toilsome journey down the river in search of her husband: "When I got there I was all perished. " The doctor, touched by such unexampled devotion, took her to his heart, and ever after, until his death, treat- ed her with marked respect. presided at his table with grace and dig- nity, but never abandoned her native style of dress.

But, with her infant child, this intrepid wife and mother started alone in her canoe, and after many days of weary labor and a lonely journey of 900 miles, she at last reached him.

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