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Heather had nightmares about the sinister ordeal for years. ' I just froze' is Rape Crisis Scotland's new public awareness campaign, which aims to challenge and change common misconceptions that there is a right or wrong way for people to react during or after a rape.

I was not a fan of the previous iteration with the huge truss which had no structural purpose so felt like a bit of an applied gimmick to me.In the autumn of 1997, the National Trust said that a spate of recent television costume dramas had helped to make historic houses and gardens the most visited tourist attractions in Britain.Little Moreton Hall – a half-timbered moated manor house in Cheshire – featured in ITV’s version of the De Foe classic Moll Flanders, was one such attraction, and it was visited by the Leigh family from Birkenhead one afternoon in October 1997."To the stake," came the reply, in a weird accent reminiscent of a Lancashire brogue."gone to burn, instead of me." "Mum, her tattoo’s gone," said Brian to his mother, drawing attention to the back of Heather’s left hand – where the girl usually sported a tattoo of a lemniscate - the infinity symbol.

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