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The average length of the relationship across all couples was over 8 years, though some had dated for only 3 months while others had been together for more than 50 years.All the couples participated in a video-taped interview in which they were asked questions about their relationships, including how long they had known each other before they started dating, and whether or not they had been platonic friends before dating.Regardless of the mechanism, you are less likely to be a matched in objective physical attractiveness if you know your partner well before falling in love.Does this mean that people who begin dating immediately after meeting are destined for a more shallow, less fulfilling relationship?Thus, a person who is objectively less appealing (on the basis of physical features) may become subjectively more appealing (on the basis of personal characteristics).In other words, the Beast transforms into Brad Pitt when you get to know him.Highly appealing people thus pair with other very appealing people, while moderately appealing people pair with other fairly appealing people, and so forth.Hunt and colleagues speculated that assortative mating patterns may attenuate as the time a couple spends together before engaging in a romantic relationship increases. Their belief is that romantic desirability is both objective and subjective.

One popular theory argues a market-based explanation: Individuals compete for the most desirable mates, and those who are themselves very desirable are the most successful in this competition.

origincode=2018_sciam_Article Promo_Newsletter Sign Up"name="article Body" itemprop="article Body" is a timeless tale: A lovely girl encounters a not-so-attractive, even beast-like man.

There is no love at first sight in this story; Beauty, in fact, finds the Beast repulsive.

If you are hoping to couple with a partner who is objectively more attractive than you, consider doing things together in contexts that allow you to get to know your love interest over time.

Had Beast met Belle in a bar, chances are there would have been no fairy tale ending.

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