Wsus computer not updating

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Visit Stack Exchange That's the command to use, but it won't force a download, it just makes the client check in with WSUS and ensure it's interfacing with it.

Also, more options are available for Windows 10, which you should use with WSUS.

The previously mentioned Group Policy templates are necessary to use the new features.

Then, in the management console's WSUS options, enable the Upgrades menu item below Products and Classifications in the Classifications tab.

It is particularly important that the WSUS server have the latest updates; otherwise, the installation files for the Windows 10 updates will fail.

If this is the case, then all is working, and you just need to hit "Check for Updates" on the client.

Yes you can force a Windows client to download and install updates when you want.

We've been using WSUS on Server 08 for several years now with no issues.

We recently set up a 2012 R2 server with WSUS on it and have created an active directory policy to point a few machines to it for testing.

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