Who is stephen fry dating

The singer explained: “Stephen Fry was the first person I played the song to after I’d finished writing it.“I had an idea for the video so I asked Stephen if he and his husband Elliot (Spencer) would take part with other couples in what I saw as a collage of love and diversity.

The pair make an appearance in a music video for Tim Arnold’s track What Love Would Want, which celebrated unconditional love.

I can recall talking out loud; ‘It’s pointless, it’s pointless’.

“Everything about my life had come to it’s end.” “I find it very very difficult to look at myself.

We are over the moon, that is all I want to say." Fry has been a prominent advocate of same-sex marriage, and last year hosted a Channel 4 programme featuring a "musical" gay wedding.

A source told the Sun the younger man had given Fry a "new lust for life" after suffering from depression and loneliness, adding: "He has found new hope in Elliott and they thrive off one another." Documents seen by the newspaper show the couple made a formal application to marry at a register office in Dereham, Norfolk on December 23.

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