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He had three year non-compete agreement with valueclick.

In January 2004, he formed Blue Lithium, which is a advertising network. He remained the CEO of the Blue Lithium through the transition period.

His attorney James Lassart also did not return India-West’s phone calls.

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But on May 4, Chahal's status hearing was held over to July 13, according to the DA's office.

In its 29-page opinion – a copy of which was forwarded to India-West – the three judges of the Division Three First Appellate Court in San Francisco were unanimous in their ruling (see earlier India-West story here).“Chahal contends the prosecution failed to establish the existence of three of those conditions: (1) that S. was unavailable as a witness; (2) her statement was made at or near the time the injury was inflicted; and (3) the circumstances under which she made the statement indicate its trustworthiness. Chahal’s attorney had argued that the second victim’s statements were untrustworthy because she sought to gain financial compensation from him, and went to a hospital claiming she was battered only to create fodder for litigation.

But the appeals court noted that the victim initially said at the hospital and to police that she did not want to name her abuser.

At the status hearing May 4, Chahal is likely to claim he needs treatment for his “liver disease,” which makes it necessary for him to stay out of jail, said the observer on background.

Chahal was first arrested in 2013 in his San Francisco penthouse, after his former girlfriend, Juliet Kakish, complained to police that he had hit, kicked and slapped her 117 times over the course of two hours, and attempted to choke her.

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