Who is eric millegan dating

But Eric Millegan is not one to be summed up and dismissed.

The baby-faced 32-year-old — New Jersey native by birth, Oregonian by rearing — is full of surprises.

” But it’s important because it increases awareness and it gives us representation now in the political field. When I was younger I used to say, ”Oh, I’ll run for president after I’m an actor.” But I don’t have that ambition anymore.

But I do think that it’s important to have openly gay voices in politics.

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I kept waiting to see how he was going to deal with it.

Then maybe when they are dealing with legislation that might be anti-gay, they’ll think, ”Wait, this person I worked with is gay.

So when I’m talking about gays I’m talking about someone I work with as well.” MW: MILLEGAN: The thing that’s similar between me being out in Hollywood and people being out in politics is about how secrets can be more damaging than the truth.

But when you’re open and honest about who you are, then it short-circuits people who would use the secret against you. People who are out just don’t have to deal with people trying to expose that they are gay to hurt them.

But the Victory Fund is just about showing there are gay people in the real world so let’s have them in Congress and in other leadership positions.

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