What is validating parking how to overcome an intimidating boss

If you haven’t already signed up for the new validation program, use the link below to enroll and order validation vouchers for your customers.

Or you can call Central Parking at (503) 790-9302 ext.

Impress your clients with personal service and score a hit with a high level of convenience: The comprehensive SKIDATA POS and ticket validation solutions.

Our off-site Fort Lauderdale airport parking lot is located just two miles down the road from FLL.

A: You will receive 2 hours of free parking by making a purchase at one of our participating stores.

After you have made a purchase, the store will scan your parking ticket and the first two hours of parking will be automatically validated.

The Public Parking operation is managed by the Internal Services Department (ISD) .

We are committed to meet the parking demands in these served areas from both, the employees of Miami-Dade County and the general public at large.

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