What is our system of dating centered on

What does it mean for Mosiach to come, for the service of the Beit Ha Mikdash to return, for Jewish sovereignty and Jewish courts to return to Eretz Israel?This longing is a central tenet of Judaism, mentioned in davening three times a day, but have I really internalized this message? I can’t say I have really felt this longing for a new era that uproots everything I know, to relocate and live a different style of life that I can’t fully comprehend.We caused our demise because of baseless hatred and fragmentation, and so we have to rectify that both with recognizing the effects our hatred has on ourselves- bearing a grudge usually hurts the bearer more than the object of the grudge- and by striving for causeless love.People will annoy us, that is what happens when you live and interact with other humans. So when this happens, we have to think what is it about ourselves that is reacting to this person, why are we becoming offended.Start with your family, with your friends and acquaintances, and build up to the Jewish community.There are many Jews practicing many different streams of Judaism, which causes a lot of tension and strife between less religious and non-religious people.One of the first sections of davening in the morning, before the first Kaddish, is a recounting of the daily offerings.What we are missing and what we are yearning for again is a shared national identity, but these days of glory won’t return to us if we don’t get along, if our hearts are still filled with baseless hatred and we spurn one another.

We might have an idea of what occurred from descriptions in the Tanach and possibly from visiting the Temple Institute Museum in the Old City, but we never experienced it.There is a stigma against being religious in our society, and Orthodox Jews are often considered weird, archaic, backwards cult members by less religious Jews, and the first step in bringing B’nai Israel together is twofold.Orthodox Jews have to learn to see the Divine Spark in each other and recognize the positive qualities each other has rather than the difference in halachic practice and interpretation, and non-Orthodox Jews have to understand and appreciate Orthodox Jews, which will in turn lead to Orthodox Jews having less animosity towards the less religious.It can’t exist freely and intermingled with other ideas, otherwise it would lose its’ holiness and sanctity.Separation is necessary for Judaism to remain Judaism, and there are too many other influences directly opposing it.

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