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A pretty good nightclub located in the Old Quarter is the Dragonfly Bar Lounge.Some other good nightclubs around town are Funky Buddha Club and Infinity.If the girl is sitting by herself ask her a silly question such as ‘do you know where this street is’ or ‘do you know how I get here?’ and ask a very obvious question and often times that breaks the ice and she will invite you to sit with her or even guide you to these places herself.So where to meet single girls in Hanoi during the day? This is almost a sure thing, the Hanoi and Vietnamese women are on there for one reason and one reason only. In Hanoi almost all foreigners and expats spend their time staying and spending time in the Old Quarter, which is an area of Hanoi surrounded by great restaurants, cheap hotels, guesthouses but the best thing of all is there are loads of Air BNB condos for rent.You can rent a mansion for the same price as a decent hotel room.

If you do not speak any Vietnamese at all, that is ok, most nice girls will want to at least try to practice their English and will love to have a foreigner to talk with and try and learn from.

Hanoi locals and most Vietnamese do food exceptionally good.

That is why the favourite place in the world for famous chef and tv star Anthony Bourdain is Vietnam.

If she starts to guide you to the place you asked about, this is your chance to get as much game in on her as possible and hope for a dinner later or ask her to show you other areas of the city.

It’s almost guaranteed to work if you smile a lot and act a little dumb, even if it’s not your first time in town it’s a great way to meet women.

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