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By elevating your hips with a pillow or two, you can alter the angle of his penetration and hit a good spot he may not otherwise reach.

You might also try angling pillows like the Liberator ( and other types of sex furniture.

To reach it, insert a lubed finger into the vagina as far as it will comfortable go.

Rub gently using the length of the finger exploring the front wall. The practice of anal sex has been around for centuries and today it is more common among heterosexuals than one might think.

British researchers say that when they are stroked just right—with the light pressure of a painter's brushstroke, at 1 to 10 centimeters a second—those nerves send signals to the limbic system, an area of the brain associated with trust and affection. More in Using two forms of birth control may make sex twice as good.Women's Health contributors tested a box of popular brands and chose these favorites: Here are two favorites: Best for Sex Toys: Hydra Smooth Creamy, water-based formula won't damage silicone sex toys. Glycerin-free to avoid irritation (.99, Best for Speedy Arousal: Durex Play O and K-Y Intense These lubes encourage blood flow to the clitoris, which results in warming and tingling sensations (.50 to , your viewing pleasure during sex by strategically placing a large mirror near the bed to catch the flickers of candlelight and your bodies in lusty motion.In one popular version, the woman lies on her back and keeps her legs together, spreading her well-lubed inner thighs just enough for her partner, on top, to slide his erect penis between them and her lips.She can now squeeze her lips to tighten her grip on his penis as he thrusts and stimulates her clitoris with his moving shaft.

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