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If the user name does not exist, then return a message back to the user I'm new to using Active Directory, but am familiar with ASP. In this instance, the message did not go out to any recepients because one email address was not valid.I was wondering if we might need a new email address data type? I have a window that pops up to send an email to a person using the following javascript: On the email ...getting domain address from email address I need to get the domain only portion of the email address in a textbox.Hi, I'm trying to work out how to get the Create User Wizard to email using the Display Name (or equivalent) so that the recipient sees a name (e.g. Somehow plug those email addresses into a code to send them a prewritten, preformatted email.Ben Miller) instead of an email address in the From field of their email client. I have found an article on how to send an email using VB coding.Note: Please Don't hesitate to click "Report Abuse" link if you noticed something wrong on the forums (l...Difficulty in emailing people with email addresses Name: Ed Lipsman Email: elipsmanatyahoodotcom Product: Firefox Summary: Difficulty in emailing people with email addresses Comments: Hi-I'm complete clueless on tech. The validator is rejecting good email addresses because they have trailing spaces from the select statement. I tried repopulating the email address field with trimmed values but this did not help.Thanks Correcting the data in the column is definitely the best way to go, since you're validating any future inserts/updates.

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Many thanks in advance, Gary Hello, you can check this : Email Expression Regards.Getting Email Addresses From Global Address List I need to be able to get the different email addresses that are associated with someone's name in my global address list. If my reply helps answer your question then please mark as answer.I can get to the global address list and find the correct address entry, but can't get the email addresses. Hi, You can do with the use of active directory LDAP protoc... This is not possible because email address is not related with IP address, Domain names are Mohamed [email protected] remember to click “Mark as Answer” on the post(s) which helps you ! How to get the email address from outlook address book? Net application where mails have to be send to users.Write(domain Name)--------------------------------------------------------Don't forget to click "Mark as Answer" on the post(s) that helped you.NHibernate with Problem-Design-Solution sample application Scott blog...

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