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It has a straightforward API, is a lightweight and fast, and is optimized for the Java programmer. The application uses Quartz framework to schedule the cron job at regular intervals.I am trying to write a code that helps me to create a XML object. This cron job involves parsing a 4 MB xml file, which I am doing ...The tag is something like below script src="https:wI have deployed two portals (on two tomcat instances) each of which are based on Geonetwork which use Z39.50 protocol.

I have to create xml response with speed performance. Hotel bean contain multiple room bean data with details. I try to get "Value" String which have the largest value of Num Votes.This can be done using the set Attribute() method or setting the node Value property of the attribute node.Hi I have created a java class that uses JButton to bring up JFile Chooser.By default the port for both of them is 2100 which causes the second ...I am trying to read an xml file and add new fields in the original structure. Its working for one, this is while inside a for loop.

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