Updating pro evolution soccer 2016

Contains: High quality club logos in 512×512px, 256×256px & 128×128px (all three LODs)High quality competition logos in 512×512px & 256×256px (both LODs)All in-game club logos (470 in number, using official colours where applicable, doesn’t modify fake clubs like “PES United”)All in-game competition logos (including UEFA & AFC qualifiers, doesn’t modify fake cups like “KONAMI Cup”)Country flags (added Macau and Taiwan/ Chinese Taipei, all are using official colours where applicable, correct aspect ratio (e.g.di Jepang merupakan salah satu versi game sepak bola yang sekarang paling banyak dimainkan menyaingi FIFA 17.This page will try to explain how to make kits and how to set them up in PES16.The first section after the Introduction will explain what textures are there in PES16 and how to make all these textures.Obviously the game has a fixed UV map for this texture and each letter, however these exact UV maps are unknown.Therefore it is recommended to look at existing name textures and use those as base for your kit name textures.

All textures have to be saved as DDS as explained above.You can also check out some existing kit textures in the dt34.cpk\common\character0\model\character\uniform\texture with Jenkey's File Explorer or search online for examples. Download it from under Tools, unpack it and open PES15_kitmodel_by_suatcagdas.blend.This download will also contain a picture with which image link you need to change to have Blender use your kit texture.If you want a part of a kit to not have any special effects just use the RGB color '151 130 0' (mustard like).Reflective parts like the crest get the RGB color '151 130 255' (purple).

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