Updating from 3 52 m33 4

Switch will reboot automatically after successful upgrade.

Hey all, found an old PSP 1000 with 3.52 M33 on it. If I remember this version disabled the updater so I get the PSP Error Code (DADADADA) Many thanks in advance :-)Looks like the easiest way is using Hellcat's Recovery Flasher (Source 1 & Source 2).

It is avaliable here: It took me some time to figure out how to install this update on my PSP, because of a small misunderstanding.

Yeah, I just did all that and the same thing happened, it just froze up.

Go in to recovery (holding right shoulder button on boot up) make sure the kernel for home brew is set to 352.

EDIT- Go here scroll down to the bottom of the post and click the second link for hellcat's RF.

As per the first source link, make sure your kernal is set to 3.30 (Recovery Menu/Configuration).

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