Updating firefox linux dating board

Install the in the Firefox address bar or go to the Add-ons entry in the Firefox Menu and select the Plugins tab. To examine them, enter in the Firefox address bar: .For a useful starting point, see e.g custom which is targeted at privacy/security conscious users.For instructions on how to install add-ons and a list of add-ons, see Browser extensions.

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Sometimes it may be desired to lock certain settings, a feature useful in widespread deployments of customized Firefox.

Alternatively, starting with Firefox 68 you can make the all Firefox interfaces and even other websites respect dark themes, irrespective of the system GTK theme and Firefox theme. For most users, the issue has been fixed in Firefox 66.0.4 and Firefox ESR 60.6.2.

The addons should be automatically re-enabled as soon as the patched version of Firefox is installed.

One drawback of the above approach is that it is not applied system-wide.

Furthermore, this is not useful as a "pre-configuration", since the profile directory is created after first launch of the browser.

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