Understand men dating

Maybe you’re just tired of not understanding why men act the way that they do.Whatever it is, one thing is sure – you don’t want to be confused by men anymore.Before I continue, obviously not every man and woman conforms to these trends.Every man and every woman are different, and I wouldn’t dream of trying to say that ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to people’s personalities and how they act.

This video might break your heart or make you MAD at first But it could change your life and your relationship wit men forever!He did so much to get your phone number but then silence.You’ve been on a few dates with him, you did get close a few times – but you’re always the one who has to contact him first.As a result, men are often not as good at processing their emotions as women are.They generally have a harder time identifying and empathizing with the emotions of others as well.

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