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When it comes to collectible antique golf clubs, it is estimated that fewer than 5% of all antique clubs with wooden shafts have collectible value beyond decorative or playable worth.

The majority of the vintage or antique clubs that you will find at yard sales or on e Bay are common golf clubs with very little value.

When Michael was readying to relocate due to concern for his safety after the murder of his brother Sonny, Apollonia wished to impress her husband that she had taught herself how to drive.

Sicilian women in that time generally did not learn how to drive.

She had also taken some traits that her parents had worried about in the first place; that she was beginning to distance herself from her Sicilian roots.

Now having an American husband, Apollonia had started to adopt ways of American women, such as cigarette smoking and new hairstyles.

They are only interested in the rare and hard-to-find golf clubs.

By contrast, rare or hard to find golf clubs will have the following features: Rare vintage golf clubs have uncommon patents or features and were made in limited quantities that set them apart from the mass produced common clubs.

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Books on the subject that may help include: You can also sell your vintage golf clubs through an antique broker online.

Larry and Carole Meeker are antique dealers and own Antiq and

The Meekers will list and sell your antique golf clubs for you.

Apollonia's death made Michael a man with an uncontrollable thirst for revenge, which would set a chain reaction of events in motion.

Ultimately, Michael's attitude he gained when he was widowed would cause the self-destruction of the Corleone family.

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