Teen dating violence in europe

Archer's meta-analysis found that women suffer 65% of domestic violence injuries.A Canadian study showed that 7% of women and 6% of men were abused by their current or former partners, but female victims of domestic violence were more than twice as likely to be injured as male victims, three times more likely to fear for their life, twice as likely to be stalked, and twice as likely to experience more than ten incidents of violence.Half of these involved one-sided ("non-reciprocal") attacks and half involved both assaults and counter assaults ("reciprocal violence").Women reported committing one-sided attacks more than twice as often as men (70% versus 29%).Teens are much more likely than adults to become isolated from their peers as the result of controlling behavior by their boyfriend/girlfriend.Also, for many teens the abusive relationship may be their first dating experience and have never had a "normal" dating experience with which to compare it.Nine out of 10 teens and adolescents killed by a dating partner are girls, and nine out of 10 of the killers are boys and men, said researchers at the University of Washington.Their report was published in the JAMA Pediatrics medical journal.

40—60% of men and women who abuse other adults also abuse their children.

However, the issue of victimization of men by women has been contentious, due in part to studies which report drastically different statistics regarding domestic violence.

Some studies—typically crime studies—show that men are substantially more likely than women to use violence.

Reasons given for non-reporting were they (1) may be ashamed to come forward; (2) may not be believed; and (3) may be accused of being a batterer when they do come forward. The researchers say their findings emphasize the need for prevention on all levels: while other sources state domestic violence among gay and lesbian couples might be higher than among heterosexual couples, that gay, lesbian, and bisexual individuals are less likely to report domestic violence that has occurred in their intimate relationships than heterosexual couples are, or that lesbian couples experience domestic violence less than heterosexual couples do.

By contrast, some researchers commonly assume that lesbian couples experience domestic violence at the same rate as heterosexual couples, and have been more cautious when reporting domestic violence among gay male couples.

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