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Since several models can share one chassis type (for example, the early brown 5G7 Bandmaster, 5G5 Pro and 5G12 Concert), this kind of interpretation is inaccurate.

Instead, there were approximately 2000 of these chasses produced, which then ended up as one of the three models in question.

I have a BC Rich 12 String acoustic I bought from a guy in my home town a few months back. There is no serial number and the model # is BW2000-12. I have a BC Rich Virgo which I really like but want another model but with seriously deeper sound and without changing from 6 strings.

I paid the guy 0 CAD for the guitar and hard shell case. The only thing I know is that he bought it in '92 for a "pretty penny". If anyone can give me anything - year it was made, value.. I put some picture here BSkb Se5q V6dq W7 and am happy to post more if needed. New to the guitar thing (learning) so totally lack much in the way of knowledge.

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Looking at serial numbers next to the ’60 5G5 brown Pro Amp for example, we see numbers ranging from 00001 to 02000, suggesting that there are 2000 of these amplifiers made in ’60.

Also, within a model family the same serial number prefix may be used to produce a variety of different models, all in the same block of serial numbers.

And in some cases, firearms may be stored for a length of time before they are shipped.

I want to know the year of production and the producer. Would I be better off with the guitar version just change the strings and pick-ups to bass, in which case would the pick-ups accommodate 6 stings? Thanks - Amukcanuk I bought my Ironbird via e Bay, long ago, the most recent NAMM explains current import neck throughs are really just set neck (like a Gibson LP is) and not a full neck through body construction with wings or stringers construction like a USA built guitar, my question is, has this always been true of the budget 'import' line? The guy I bought it from must have had no clue on what he was doing. Anyway I have done tons of research and cant get any actual info about it. it has two vol, one tone kahler flyer 24 fret dot inlays and EMG's play's like a dream and screams like a nightmare.. It has a Floyd rose lisenced tremolo single locking kinda like a 80s model charvel ch-120 bridge, it has 2 knobs 3 way switch and mini switch. Has 22 fret neck OK I have a red platinum series virgin it has a Floyd rose licensed tremolo just like the 80s model charvel ch-120 tremolos it has all gold colored hardware and the serial number is 25580 on the back of the neck plate I can't find the year it was made anywere .

BCRICH RICH Model: 52210674 The design is like the SSSBO signature model The head is the head of Warlock, and the body has the body of RICH. I like the feel of the BC Rich Widow and while there are the three models (guitar, 4-string bass and 5-string bass), is there such a thing as a 6-string bass? so it's a mauve ish, color with a blue pearl under tone numbered B 3836 on the back plate I just really wanted to know the year and origin. OK I have a red platinum series virgin with a reverse headstock and gold colored hardware.

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