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Zac Efron has reportedly been telling friends that he thinks Taylor Swift is “sexy” amid reports claiming that the two could be about to take their relationship to the next level following her split from Tom Hiddleston.

According to reports, although Zac and Taylor are not dating yet, a source close to Efron recently claimed that it’s not completely out of the question that he and Swift could potentially get romantic after becoming friends back in 2012 while working on the film is claiming that Zac is actually “open” to the idea of dating Taylor and has supposedly “been letting his friends know that he is down to see what Taylor is all about” ever since the dating rumors began swirling between himself and Swift earlier this week.“[Zac] likes her music and thinks she is sexy so he is telling friends he is curious what it would be like to have Taylor Swift as a girlfriend,” the source said.claimed that Swift and Efron haven’t actually taken things to the next level just yet.“He has been taking it all in stride,” a source said of how Efron’s been reacting to reports suggesting Swift is interested in dating him.

Curious about what it's like to use such a site, I went undercover (so to speak) for a month on Ashley Madison to take a look inside.

The games not only introduce you to new people, but they also help the app to learn your interests so it can find more compatible people for your next game.Efron was in a relationship with stylist Sami Miro but the couple ended their relationship in April after dating for almost two years.The songstress split from Tom Hiddleston after dating for three months.Over the past two decades, the Internet has become a fixture of the modern-day romance plot.An estimated 30 to 40 million North Americans now use online dating sites.

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