Shenzhen dating scams

Asian Lonely is a small, free site that is operated by people experienced in detecting scammers. Each new profile and picture are checked manually by staff. Over the years I've come to realize many people are not.

It's not likely you'll run into a scammer using a picture of a Celebrity at Asian Lonely! They are happier having fantasy relationships with fake people, than possibly meeting somebody real. We run our site with the hope of providing a safe place for real people to meet.

He had been paying a Nigerian con-man hundreds of dollars for two years.

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At that point, we advised the client that he did not need to hire us, that the girlfriend probably did not exist.We have changed (or not revealed) locations or other identifiable details, but these are actual cases to serve as examples.In this case, the client contacted us to help him assist his girlfriend in a large city in China.These services seem to offer helpful services, but in reality, they charge they often act as more of a matchmaker, who is paid a large lump sum upon their client receiving a proposal for marriage and another lump sum upon emigration to the US or other destination country.We find that Shenzhen, China is an active location for this type of scam.

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