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In a review of "Hannity" using the Internet Archive, Politi Fact identified at least three dozen times dating back to 2015 where Hannity suggested Clinton should be behind bars. We’ll examine that next." - July 13, 2016: "Hillary should be happy she’s not in jail or not being prosecuted, in my opinion." - Oct. 30, 2017: "If you or I, if anybody in this room with me now or watching TV with you, if we ever did anything close to what the Clintons, the DNC and others did, we would be rotting in a jail cell tonight … 2, 2018: "There are very, very nervous — rightly so — people like Hillary Clinton. People will be going to jail, I promise you." - March 9, 2018: "(An FBI informant) has damaging information on the Clintons that potentially could send them to jail." - May 3, 2018: "Equal justice would mean Hillary goes to jail." - June 14, 2018: "We know people that committed the very same misdeeds as Clinton; well, they were investigated and many put in jail." - July 6, 2018: "There have been other people that have gone to jail for far less than what Hillary Clinton did." - March 7, 2019: "By the way, when is Hillary going to be charged?Here are just a few examples of Hannity’s comments, with links to additional context: - Aug. 10, 2016: "I’m watching these other channels: ‘Never before in the history of this country has anyone said that the opponent should be in jail.’ I’m like, ‘Never before in the history of the country did anyone break the law like she did.’" - Nov. " - April 23, 2019: "Rush (Limbaugh) was great earlier tonight, wasn’t he, when he said, ‘Oh, Hillary needs to be in jail and indicted."Nancy Pelosi cannot identify a ‘crime’ committed by President Trump.She just wants a political opponent put in jail." But Hannity is wrong that Pelosi’s comments were completely baseless.

But his comments had social media users saying he himself had become unrecognizable.

During his early years, Sean attended Sacred Heart Seminary in Hempstead, New York and did his high school at St Pius X Preparatory Seminary High School located in Uniondale, New York.

After his High School, he enrolled at New York University where he left after a while to Adelphi University and eventually dropped out.

"Based on no actual crimes, she wants a political opponent locked up in prison?

That happens in banana republics." Sean Hannity on Nancy Pelosi saying she wants Trump in prison: "A political opponent locked up in prison?

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